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bonjour old montreal!

Planning On Visiting Old Montréal Soon? We Stayed In A Few Hotels And Tried A Couple Of Restaurants (Tough Job, We Know) To Give You The Perfect Hit List!

8 bags I'm tote-ally

obsessed with!

There’s A Reason Why Tote Bags Are A Fashion Staple


Le brunch at La Société

If you’re an out of towner, La Société will give you that little ‘Parisian experience’ you were looking for coming to Montréal.

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NYC coffee guide 2016

Yeah, yeah… There’s a lot to do and see in New York. There’s shopping, museums and everything in between.

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Shopping in Paris: Fleux

One of our favorite stores in Paris is definitely Fleux. Located in the trendy neighborhood of Le Marais, this part home goods, part lifestyle store is the best place to find fun gifts, quirky home decor and hard to find furniture.

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10 Things: Alessandra salituri

10 things you need to know about Alessandra Salituri, art dealer at Citizen Atelier & Co-Founder of Agency PR.

There are a few things I love about Fall; the crisp air, the smell of chaï tea and spiced candles, wearing cozy layers and of course, shopping for cute booties! #HR2

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10 things: christy   coleman

10 things you need to know about Christy Coleman, head of innovation at Beautycounter & celebrity makeup artist



in December 2015, Julius & Valentina donated over 200 "beauty bags" to women in need across greater montreal. the bags were distributed in shelters where women and their children seek refuge, get help and support.


blush it forward

 In 2015, I started a little Holiday project called #BlushItForward


I Spent The Day With Lexus And This Is What Happened…

Discovering Montreal, the Takumi way


A Winter-proof skin care routine in partnership with our friends at Vichy

Your closet changes when Winter comes and so should your beauty routine!

New at Air Transat!

When a reputable chef takes 35 years of experience, 33 000 feet in the air.


sunday cozy sunday

Cozy As Can Be!

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a night at le mount stephen hotel

If There's One Thing We Love More Than Traveling It's Staycationing. What Better Way To Spend A Weekend Or To Celebrate A Special Occasion Than To Do It In A Fancy Hotel! Right?

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V is for Vacation

When retro meets modern meets desert inspired... You get the V Palm Springs! This is where you need to stay if you want a laid-back vacay in PS.

Last March, Justin and I went on our annual Cali vacation and did a roadtrip to Las Vegas to see the Backstreet Boys's residency show. The first half of the trip was very rocky; the night before leaving for LA, I was hospitalized over night for kidney stones. We almost cancelled the trip all together. 
Thanks to the beautiful weather, the desert heat, healthy food and strong a** medicine, I was able to enjoy my time there! At the show, I unfortunately wasn't able to dance as much as I would have loved to (thanks to those kidney stones!) but it still left me speechless & amazed nonetheless! 


30 days in LA: Joshua Tree

Two hours driving south-east from L.A., a couple of Starbucks runs and a $20 entrance fee later, Justin & I were there, standing in the middle of thousands of Joshua Trees.


Creature of comfort

Hello sweater weather! We missed you!

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