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In 2013, the Montreal-based blog was born out of love for traveling and living life like everyday is a new destination. Covering travels (of course!), beauty, style and interior design.  Originally called Julius & Valentina, its goal is to share new discoveries with other curious souls.


Hi I'm Ariane! I'm a 30-something girl living in Montreal with my husband Justin and our burmilla Rico. Together, we like to travel (mostly in California, and yes, with Rico) and try new things. Although I wear mostly black and our home is mostly white, my social media feed is where I go wild with colors. I've been highly intolerant to gluten for almost a decade and I follow a plant based diet. I will always choose cute flats over heels, pants over skirts and will probably always be tomboy at heart. I live for music, traveling, interior design, good food and Netflix marathons with Justin.  "Permanently in a vacation state of mind" is my motto.                                        

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