Comfortable in my own skin… literally!

Comfortable in my own skin… literally!

Toleriane Sensitive: La Roche-Posay’s answer to all my prayers

I was never really blessed with perfect looking skin. You know, the type of skin that doesn’t need makeup and can just handle any type of product. Yeah, that’s not me. I don’t have horrible skin either… I just have really sensitive and reactive skin.

Depending on where I am, what activity I’m doing or what I’m consuming, my skin will, without fail, tell you if it’s happy or not. If my skin is happy, it will look OK and even, on rare occasions, look glowy. However, if it’s not happy, then my rosacea will break out in hives, red spots and get super itchy. Choosing a skincare routine that agrees with my skin has proven to be challenging over the years. I’m not gonna lie, through this blog, I got to try a few decent products, from various brands. But I had yet to find ONE line that totally complements my specific needs… until now. A while ago, La Roche-Posay challenged me to give their Toleriane Sensitive line a try. Challenge accepted – I tested the Caring Wash and the daily facial moisturizer, Toleriane Sensitive. Before I tell you more about them, how about I start by telling you about my skin story (quickly, I promise).


One extremely cold winter night, I walked home from work. The reason why I walked, you ask Well, my work was located downtown Montreal and I lived in Griffintown (which is about a 20mns walk). The metro was down and taking the bus was actually more complicated than walking. So I bundled up and trekked. It was cold and oh-so windy. I made it home, the tip of my nose completely frozen and my eyes watery. As I removed my jacket, I could feel my face thawing and
my cheeks started to burn like someone had just thrown acid at me. I ran to the mirror and noticed tons of red hives and blisters all over my face, which lasted for hours. Eight years later, every single time the weather gets cold or I expose my face to strong winds, the same skin reaction happens. With time, I ended up developing a mild case of rosacea.


The Toleriane Sensitive line is made with a minimal amount of ingredients, has no perfume, no alcohol, no paraben and is made with 73% of La Roche-Posay thermal spring water. Perfect for sensitive skin! In fact, so much so, that it can even be used on babies!

After removing my makeup and washing my face, my skin usually feels pretty tight. However, when I tried the Toleriane Caring Wash, my skin felt clean, comfortable and well, real happy! I also liked that it didn’t leave a greasy residue like some other hydrating cleansers do.

Normally, after washing, I use a toner. This past week, I decided to skip it and give my skin immediate relief with the Toleriane Sensitive daily moisturizer. My initial reaction was “wow, this feels pretty light and I love that it’s not fragrant!”. I’ve very sensitive to scents and have discarded many products due to their overpowering smells. When you have rosacea, there’s nothing worse than using creams filled with harsh fragrances! Thanks to its prebiotic base, this hydrating treatment offers a double skin protection (the physical and microbial skin barriers), hydrates for 48 hours and reduces sensitivity over time.

All in all, I am so happy I gave these two products a try and they will definitely be part of my beauty routine from now on! If you have sensitive or reactive skin like I do, I urge to try them as well. Think about it, you have nothing to lose and possibly comfortable skin to gain!

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