because giving back is a beautiful thing

in December 2015, Julius & Valentina donated over 200 "beauty bags" to women in need across greater montreal. the bags were distributed in shelters where women and their children seek refuge, get help and support. because this cause is truly important to us (read this to find out why), we decided to join forces with a good friend of ours, Beauties, and take this project to the next level. this year, blush it forward aims to distribute over 500 bags to women shelters across montreal, trois-rivières and quebec city!

Wrapping day with  Beauties  and  Pearls & Caramel

Wrapping day with Beauties and Pearls & Caramel


last year, with the support of fellow bloggers, brands and agencies, we gathered enough goodies to fill over 200 bags. But you don't have to be a blogger to contribute!  if you have unwanted beauty products & fashion accessories (or wish to buy a couple to donate), we accept the following:

Makeup, Skincare, Haircare, Perfume, Beauty samples (like the ones from sephora!), Jewelry, scarf, nylons, headband, hairbrush, styling tools, Non Perishable Treats, Gift Bags, Tissue Paper, Etc. 


to donate please email us at info@juliusandvalentina before november 20, 2016 - subject: "blush it forward"

Photos by:  Emilie Iggiotti

Photos by: Emilie Iggiotti

thank you

we want to take a moment and thank everyone who participated in our first edition of blush it forward: bioderma canada, vichy canada, dans un jardin, bicom, beauties, pearls and caramel, styled by seven, bijoux vDesign, rustique, emilie iggiotti and présentoirs de magasin élite.

We also want to thank everyone else who donated their time and effort; this wouldn't have happened without you!