Miam Miam Paris: it's burger time.

Miam Miam Paris: it's burger time.

Being in Paris, the last thing I thought we would eat is a burger. Yet, living in the middle of the Marais, it's so easy to be charmed by the countless small independant shops and inviting eateries around. That's how we ended up at PNY; a beautiful corner burger joint nestled on the cutest little street. 

PNY, which stands for Paris New York, offers high quality grass fed Le Ponclet beef (ground on location), hand cut french fries and frothy milkshakes, all in a cool Miami Vice kinda vibe.  Trusting his opinion, we let Rudy, the co-founder, choose our burgers (after all, who better to suggest a burger than the co-founder himself, right?!). 

Justin got "The Return of the Cowboy" which consists of Le Ponclet beef, cheddar aged for 9 months, smoked bacon, confit, an onion ring and BBQ sauce. A real "boy" burger! 

As for me, Rudy picked the "Morning California" (how fitting for a girl who cannot wait to go back to sunny Cali!): Le Ponclet beef, cheddar aged for 9 months, fresh lettuce, avocado and a secret sauce (which reminded me of the famous In-N-Out animal-style sauce... Not a bad thing!). Now, since I'm allergic to gluten, I expected my meat to be wrapped in lettuce like every other burger joint I've been to. Well, NOT HERE! Rudy assured me that they could make it in a gluten free BURGER bun (insert my happy dance here)!

The "Morning California" in a gluten free bun! Yes, that is a gluten free bun! 

"The Return of The Cowboy" burger.

Although we did not actually have milkshakes or desserts (did you see the size of those burgers?! Couldn't eat anything after that!), we got to see them prepare some for other customers and they looked just as insanely good.  

Don't hesitate to stop by PNY if you're in the mood for a juicy burger, snack on something sweet or to enjoy evening cocktails with friends. The ambiance is fun, the music is great and the waitstaff is beyond friendly and welcoming. They will also gladly recommend other fun Parisian hangouts and coffee shops (such as The Broken Arm Coffee close by, Thanks for that Rudy!). 

PNY: The gluten-free & coeliac's answer to many years of burger-related prayers and where even the pickiest burger lovers can happily enjoy an american classic in Paris. 

PNY has 3 different locations with distinct looks and vibes: PNY (50, rue du Faubourg St-Denis), PNY Marais (1, rue Perree) and PNY Oberkampf (96, rue Oberkampf). 

PNY Marais's 80's Miami vibe.

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