Tranoï  - The business of fashion.

Tranoï - The business of fashion.

Tranoi Femme at Palais de la Bourse, Paris

You may or may not know this but my husband owns a graphic t-shirt line for men and through it, I had the chance the learn about many different facets of the industry. For the past 11 years, I've seen the upsides and downsides of owning a fashion business. I've observed (and for many years, I also assisted, worked and got my hands dirty) how a brand is built from the ground up, how to design, produce and sell a collection.

Through the years, I've helped sew on countless labels, hand wash shirts to give it that worn-in feeling, schlepped to trade shows with heavy garment bags, deal with online customers and buyers as well as handpicking models for fashion shows. 

#OOTD: Hat & tunic: H&M / Jeans & booties: Bestseller / Oversized vest: Aritzia / Handbag: The Stowe

This time, we went to the Tranoi Femme & Carrousel trade shows in Paris as observers and not as exhibitors. There were so many beautiful pieces and such inspiring collections... I almost forgot what brands have to go through in order to wow us just for that brief moment (and ultimately make buyers write orders, of course!). 

Ideally, I would show you all the brands that caught my attention but in all honesty, I was so memorized by some of the garments, bags and shoes that I simply didn't think of taking out my camera (major blogger fail, I know!). 

#OOTD: Hat & tunic: H&M / Jeans & booties: Bestseller / Oversized vest: Aritzia / Handbag: The Stowe

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Miam Miam Paris: it's burger time.

Miam Miam Paris: it's burger time.

Marche aux puces de St-Ouen (Day 2)

Marche aux puces de St-Ouen (Day 2)